About Exergen Building Services Division

About Exergen Building Services

Exergen BSD, LLC provides mechanical engineering design services for HVAC and Climate Control projects that require a high level of system understanding and integration. Years of continuous innovation and service to one of the most prestigious institutions in the Metro-Boston area has provided the foundation from which service to other clients has grown.

We specialize in solving difficult problems occurring with HVAC systems and over the past 35 years have specialized in providing Climate Control design services for museums, libraries, vivariums and depository facilities that require consistent temperature and relative humidity control. Traditional design methods, when engineered and installed properly provide the consistent conditions, but usually at very high operating costs. Exergen BSD’s innovative approach to solving these types of problems provides consistency with simplicity and at much lower operating costs.

Combining the unique engineering designs with the current state of the art in Direct Digital Control systems, allows for the ultimate in system control, commissioning and fine-tuning. Troubleshooting and system operational analysis, done many times from the office via modem or Internet connection to the client’s system, allows for quick and accurate assessments of the system’s operating status, the results of which can be relayed to our customers so that they can be better informed, prevent failures, make adjustments as necessary that will provide better conditions, and/or save on operating costs.

Not all projects require innovation to achieve results, but all projects do require excellent service and close cooperation with owners and occupants. The end result is a minimum of disruption, and solutions for all comfort and climate needs.